20 Signs You Might Be Spiritually Gifted

How many of these traits do you have?

Wendi Lady
5 min readJan 25, 2022


Image of a hand, palm up, against a black background with light shining through to portray spiritual gifts.
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Do you feel like there’s something special about you? Do you have a strong sense of intuition? Are you often in touch with your spiritual side? If so, then you might be spiritually gifted. Many people don’t realize that they have these gifts until they start exploring their spirituality. Here are 20 signs that you might be spiritually gifted. How many of these traits do you have?

One: You Have an Intense Interest in the Spiritual, Esoteric, and Supernatural

Do you find yourself reading about spiritual concepts, watching documentaries about the supernatural, or exploring other esoteric topics? If so, then it’s likely that you’re spiritually gifted. People with spiritual gifts are often naturally drawn to anything related to metaphysical, esoteric, and supernatural topics.

Two: You’re Highly Intuitive

Do you often have gut feelings or intuition about things? People with spiritual gifts are often highly intuitive. They can sense the energy of people and situations, and they often just know things without knowing how they know them.

Three: You Have a Strong Connection to Nature

People with spiritual gifts often have a strong connection to nature. They feel at peace in nature, and they often find that nature provides them with insights and guidance.

Four: You Experience Synchronicities Often

Synchronicities are coincidences that seem to be too meaningful to be mere chance. People with spiritual gifts often experience synchronicities on a regular basis. This is because their intuition and intuition are working together, allowing them to see the hidden meaning behind life events.

Five: You’re Empathic and Compassionate



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