How I Learned to Be Perfectly Happy in an Unhappy Circumstance

And How You Can, Too!

Wendi Lady
8 min readSep 8, 2022


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Truth be known, I’ve always had a thing for apps — ever since the first iPhone came out in 2007, and I bought one with my hard-earned tax return. The problem was (and still is) I deleted the apps as fast as they came.

I fixated on the self-help apps — the ones focused on mental wellness and spirituality but found them to be dissatisfying or so heavy in tasks that they were more work than reward. Still, if a new app surfaced with promises of positive attitudes and rejuvenated spirits, I’d try it and then promptly remove it, so it didn’t clutter my phone. That’s until now.

I found one that stuck and is now integrated not only into my phone’s app folders but whose features are now prominently displayed on my phone’s home page in the form of widgets — not one, but two, and plugged into my iWatch. It’s true love.

My iPhone | Image by Wendi Lady

Have You Ever Heard of a Vision Board?

My sister was the queen of vision boards. Ever since junior high, when she learned to make one as an assignment in class, she cut out magazine pictures and random words, glued them to posterboard, and proudly displayed them in our room. She understood their magic.

Why are vision boards magic? Because they take an idea from the ethereal realm and bring it into a physical reality in full color and glory. They’re a snapshot of your greatest dreams. And having them on display is a constant reminder of where you want to go, what you want to achieve, and what you’d like to obtain in your life’s journey.

Creating vision boards in my youth was easy. It was the early 1980’s. Mom and Grandma combined had stacks and stacks of old magazines on hand. The poster board was relatively cheap, and scissors and glue were readily available as part of our school supplies. Making a vision board was a fun project.

One-two-skip-a-few to 2022, when magazines are almost a thing of the past, and I’m not as inclined to sit for hours sifting through pages and pages of pictures looking for those that…



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