I’d Rather Drown Than Let Go

What’s Mine is Mine and I’ll Die to Protect It

Photo by Blake Cheek on Unsplash

Water skiing wasn’t something I’d done before. I was young, full of vitality, unbreakable, immortal, and looked damned good in a bikini. God, I miss my twenties. So, when my boyfriend asked me to go out on his boat with his friends to go water skiing, I was all in.

Here’s the thing. Everyone on the boat, and there were about six of us altogether, said I wouldn’t last 30 seconds. Money changed hands as they bet on my failure. But I’m a Leo, and I’ll be damned if they tell me what I am or am not capable of.

I listened carefully to the instructions. They said to get in the water and let my bottom sink, hugging my legs to my chest. Then, when the boat starts to pull, straighten out from the feet first, letting the skis lay themselves flat against the water, then slowly raise up the rest of my body, and let the boat pull me until I unfold and straighten. I followed those directions exactly, and sure enough, I was skimming the surface of Lake Mead while golden rays of sun glistened on my wind-whipped hair. Then, I began the countdown.

I have no choice but to stay up for 31 seconds, so they all lose their stupid bet, and I take home the prize. I will not fail.



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