Maintaining Spiritual Balance During Change

The Phoenix at 50 — a Time of Reinvention

Wendi Lady


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I never imagined I’d be at such a pivotal point at fifty. I envisioned being tucked happily into a healthy relationship, living in a cozy house, driving a comfy car, and having a good life. I did that for a while. Now it’s time to do something different.

I don’t know what yet; but it’s not this. The Universe has tried gentle nudges, but I was stubborn. Now I’m being forcibly removed from my situation.

When I was thirty, I totally witched out.

It wasn’t fashionable, then. I wasn’t part of any coven or group. I’d about had enough of churches and religion altogether. But I did have an inherent pull towards things like the moon and her phases, the planets and their rotations, tarot cards, dream meanings, palmistry, animal magick, numerology, and any other esoteric soul food I could get my hands on.

I wore the role. I had spaghetti strap tank tops and broomstick skirts and bare feet whenever I could get away with it. I wore crystals around my neck and bracelets on my wrists and long braids in my hair.


I was mystic. I was sexy. I was whimsical. Full of my own faith.

Photo by Nicole Geri on Unsplash

I was (am) an avid lover of faeries, dragons, and otherworldly creatures. I do genuinely believe I have had encounters — several of them. Now that I’m moving into a new self reinvention phase, I’ll get reacquainted with them.

I remember in the year 2,000 making dream pillows with my children. Following a divorce and moving into our own apartment, they were having nightmares. We drove to the Psychic Eye bookstore on the corner of Charleston and Rainbow and bought a selection of herbs that I’d learned were good for sleeping — lavender and chamomile among them. We also purchased a few crystals to lend energy to our cause.

We went to Walmart and bought fat quarters, from which we each picked a pattern. We cut our fabric to size, drew pentacles on the inside, decorated the outside however we felt inspired, and then sewed them…



Wendi Lady

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