My Top Performing Articles for August

And Transparency on What They Earned in the Medium Partnership Program

Wendi Lady
2 min readSep 1, 2022


August was a slow month for me. I’m still recovering from my surgery, which means a lot of time in bed with my leg elevated. I’ve spent some of that time reading The Hobbit, which is a really good read so far. But I haven’t spent a ton of time reading on Medium.

I’ve also had a cold, which furthered my need to stay in bed and rest. Furthermore, energy I did have to sit at my desk was spent, in large part, filling out job applications and preparing to change my career trajectory. I’ll continue to freelance, but considering the divorce, move, and injury, I need to stabilize my income. I start training for my new job on September 26th.

I seriously only wrote nine articles for the month. Nonetheless, I still cleared over $80, and here’s how I did it.

My most popular article this month, by leaps and bounds, brought in $13.23. I wrote it on August 15th.

Number two on my list, published o August 12th, accounts for $6.38 is:

Third on the list cashed in at $5.13 and was published on August 3rd:

Number four earned $3.83 and was published last month on July 28th:

And number five brought in $3.04 and was published all the way back in March of this year:



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