Shattered Bones and Baby Steps

Wendi Lady
3 min readJul 2, 2022
Photo by Nurse at Nebraska Medical Center When I Took My First Step

On Monday the 28th of June, I was playing a game of red light, green light with my three adorable grand babies in their front yard after arriving here six days earlier thanks to a pending divorce.

Do not play red light, green light in slippers on the grass on a slope.

I heard the crack. I knew it was bad, but had no idea how bad.

I completely shattered my tibia — it’s gone. In its place, a rod, four screws, and a few nails. I also fractured the other bone in my shin, and my ankle.

I had surgery on Tuesday and came home from the hospital last night, hence no posts.

Hence no probably posts for the next bit of recovery period.

In six weeks, I go back to have the sutures removed. There were five incisions. I have no idea what my leg will look like when these bandages and boot come off.

Then it’s physical therapy and learning how to walk all over again. I came home with crutches but they’re not the safest for me, so I ordered myself a pink walker to make life in the basement more do-able. It’s hardwood floors; that’s a plus.

So, that’s where I’ve been, and that’s where I’ll be.

My son and daughter-in-law have been wonderful. They bought a camper’s toilet with safety rails and put it in the closet so I’d not have to climb the stairs or go back down them every time I need to use the bathroom.

They put a mini fridge down here so I could have my drinks and snacks.

They deliver room service and ice packs.

They ordered a resting pillow so I could keep my leg elevated.

Memory foam pillows to make my stay on the futon more comfortable.

They’re taking care of my pets.

I have books, t.v., phone, TikTok.

I feel weird just laying here. I feel the urge to get up and help around the house, to go to work, to make some magick, to do something other than just be.

But that’s probably it right there, isn’t it.

The Universe benched me.

Time out.



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